NYC Luxury Developments, LLC is focused on the design and construction of luxury residential projects in the five boroughs of New York City. Three core-operating foundations motivate our business:

• Identification of strategic property opportunities and investments;
• Property Development; and
• Design and Construction.

Our approach to quality is simple ... we believe that what is inside the walls or underground must be to the same exacting standards as what is visible on the outside. Modern homeowners understand that quality is not just about an attractive design and they value our attention to detail in all aspects of the build process.

Our latest exciting project, The Driggs Haus, comprises 19 condominium residences and unique amenities and is located in Greenpoint at 247 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222.

The NYC Luxury Developments team is excited by the latest technological innovations in building design and construction, and work very hard to incorporate these where possible.

Its quality construction, exceptional open-plan living spaces with oversized windows, balconies and terraces with outstanding views and modern lifestyle amenities define The Driggs Haus. Mixing functionality and elegance ... quite simply, a wonderful place to live.



We wanted to emphasize the unique nature of the obtuse angled corner between Driggs Avenue and Graham Street by siting the building at a right angle to Graham. A distinctive triangular planted space is created along the length of the building along Driggs, terminating in front of the ground floor residential unit and complementing the garden in the rear of the unit.

We also wanted to break up the apparent length of the building and further highlight the corner so we differentiated the first 15 feet of the building along Driggs Avenue with larger windows and selected an off white ceramic tile to contrast the dark brick, which skins the balance of the building.

The inclusion of natural light and outdoor space into the units was central to the design. Expansive windows allow generous amounts of natural light into the shared kitchen, dining and living spaces. Of the nineteen units, one has large backyard, nine units have balconies adjacent to their living rooms and two have large terrace/gardens.

All units share a sculptured garden on the roof, which has outstanding views of Manhattan.

Interior Designer:

The basic premise of my design is always tradition even in the contemporary environment. Luxury in the interior space is one aspect that is particularly appreciated- it is very possible to play around with any size of space and still come up with a design that meet everyone's wishes. With very important factor in mind such as finding the right style, my client's preferences are worked out where every effort is made to meet them, and to do so innovatively wherever possible.


Exclusive Marketing & Sales:

Young architects wearing a protective helmet standing in front of a building site.

The MAKLER is a New York based boutique real estate company specializing in new developments and conversion projects.

Expertise in development and construction process assures the ability to identify target points of sale when it comes to marketing and advertisement, maximizing sale price per foot. Our team consults developers and investors in analyzing layouts, choosing finish materials, and developing a strategy to price apartments to fit specific markets.

When we exclusively represent buyers in purchasing new development and/or conversion projects, we guide them through portions of an offering plan to assure every aspect of the advertised product holds true to the end result. We work closely with buyer's legal representatives to further streamline the process.

Our expectation is double-digit return to developers and satisfied buyers.

You need US, because…..Not every square foot should be priced equally --- The MAKLER LLC